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This blog is for people around the world who are concerned about Godless globalism, and trends to usurp American sovereignty by the UN globalist government agenda.  I want the research to get out there just as quickly as possible. What I don’t want is to find my words & essays on other people’s webpages with no link to this site, and without my name recorded as the  author of those words, and as the researcher. Let’s send the truthful facts about the fraud of Maitreya as “World Teacher” all  around the world. Hurry, for we have very little time. Already, false signs and wonders abound.

“Be of good cheer”, as my King would say. Let’s rejoice for He will be coming back in the hour of God’s choosing. My King, the real Lord Jesus Christ won’t need a worldwide CNN ad campaign, or a faked HAARP blue beam phony artificial star, or holograms projected onto building exteriors, or a PR man like Creme to “talk him up” when he returns. Maitreya is NOT the King of Kings. He is a spiritual counterfeit.

The “Masters of Wisdom” spiritual belief system is based on Theosophy, which was founded by Helena P. Blavatsky.  Blavatsky was a devotee of Lucifer in privateBlavatsky and peer Annie Besant [the founder of the United Nations ]  founded a magazine dedicated to Lucifer in 1863.

If followers of new age religious practices had any idea what the hidden roots behind some of these modern practices are, i.e. the hidden worship of Lucifer being at the very heart of the “Masters of Wisdom” teachings, and the historically secretive occult practices which culminated in the founding of current UN ideology, [ google the “Lucis Trust” ] then they would understand why Christians and other people of faith in God feel impassioned to publish the truth. The truth must be told about the world fraud behind the so called “Ascended Masters” teachings.  So I encourage properly linked re-posts of my essays, leaving everything intact and linking back to the original which is hosted on this blog. Thank you. We must pass this great test for Jesus, during these next seven to ten years, and we must tell the world the truth about the coming fraudulent world apostasy of Maitreya, first and foremost. That is the spiritual task of the hour.

Chase Kyla Hunter

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