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If You Are Confused About Maitreya, Then It’s Time to Begin Asking the Right Spiritual Questions

Popular Re-post by CK Hunter courtesy of Updated 7.14010 By Chase K. Hunter A site guest asked this question recently: “What is the objective criteria used to discern who is the Antichrist and also, how will those who await … Continue reading

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RFID Chip Is the New World Order “Mark of the Beast”

Re-post by CK Hunter from the youtube rabbithole – best RFID videos 2010 Please share this video with everyone you know and love. Chase Kyla Hunter

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How American Women & Teens Can Stay Safer: Always Carry Pepper Spray, A Cell Phone, & A Whistle

My town is now over run with homeless people. 3.3.2010 I would not usually write about topics unrelated to the theme of this blog, but the recent news about Chelsea King’s rape and murder  has just devastated me and broken … Continue reading

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