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666 Beast Alert: Edible Traceable RFID Microchips Go On Sale in the UK

Re-posted with permission from   See 2012 brings an escalation in Orwellian RFID technology and an ever escalating possibility for the misuse of it on unsuspecting human beings as well. I am keeping readers up to date on … Continue reading

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Federal Debt Gusher, Gulf Oil Spill Gusher: Miserable Irony

6.16.2010 Updated by Chase Kyla Hunter Where is Ross Perot when you need him? There is only 10.9 trillion dollars total  in circulation in the entire money supply of the United States of America. The federal debt is now approaching 23.5 trillion. … Continue reading

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Is the Injectible RFID Microchip the Biblical Prophesied “Mark of the Beast”?

From the youtube rabbithole – best RFID videos 2010 Spring 2010 Update By Chase K. Hunter Supporting Article Re-post Courtesy of Sorcha Faal Even though Obama supporters, Pelosi and Reid are all hailing the passage of Obamacare as a victory, it … Continue reading

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