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The Hunger Games: Donald Sutherland Quoted As Hoping Young People Will “Provoke Change”

Re-posted with permission from Alternative News Report on 3.24.2012: “That film [ The Hunger Games ] portends to catalyze, to motivate, a generation of young people who have been, by and large, dormant. It seems to me that they could … Continue reading

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Operation Iraqi Boredom: Mission Accomplished

Re-posted with permission:  Copyright 2011-3011 Chase Kyla Hunter & Alternative News Report, All Rights Reserved. All re-posts must leave all content, author, blog name, original URL & copyright text intact. Love this news blog? Shop here & support it! Help keep robust … Continue reading

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On October 8th 2008 Someone in America Wanted a “V” Revolution: Video Artifact

Copyright 2011-3011 Artopia 444, All Rights Reserved. I have been researching the far reaching effects of the motion picture film from 2005, “V Is For Vendetta.” I located an unusual video clip from 2008 in which an unknown V wannabe … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga Nominated for “Great Whore of Babylon” Award By Artopia 444

Copyright 2011-3011 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved. Lady Gaga’s new release sounds so much like a 1980s era Madonna songs: “Like A Prayer” and “Vogue”  it’s practically a “knock off.” Maybe Lady Gaga is the incarnate Great Whore … Continue reading

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“Eggcentric” Grammy Night Gaga Media Stampede: “Born This Way” Released

Copyright 2011-3011 By Chase Kyla Hunter, Rights and Authorship as Displayed. Does anyone REALLY believe that Illuminati Priestess “Lady Gag Me” is big on family? I am laughing so hard I can’t see. Like all other Illuminati NYC media portals … Continue reading

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