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Bizarre Annunaki-like Reptilian Secret Service Agent Spotted in Obama Security Detail: Video Footage

I have watched this now notorious video several times. It’s not just the overt shape-shifting, which is clearly visible to the naked eye, which takes place in the second set of video footage while he is standing in the back … Continue reading

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All Time Most Popular Articles on This Blog Archive

INS Microfilm Records from the Week of Obama’s Birth Are Missing from the National Archives   Important Video From Andrew Breitbart, Research from Youtube on Obama’s Past   666 Beast Alert: Edible Traceable RFID Microchips Go On Sale in the UK   The … Continue reading

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Attempted Censorship For Posting 2011 Food Stamp Statistics

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Global False Flag Events Decoded: UFOs, Aerial Phenomenon, False Signs and Wonders Abound

    Copyright 2011-3011 By Photonic Portal, All Rights Reserved. Re-posted by The Weekly Tiger on 01.31.2011 The US industrial – military complex, with their long held tryst with both off-world and [ underground, undersea terrestrial located ] alien beings, … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to Mkbutterfly71?

Updated January 2011, Copyright 2010-3010 By CK Hunter, Re-posts permitted leaving authorship, content and links intact. Recently I was guided to find this young woman’s videos on Youtube, and although they are quite tedious to watch, she is struggling, it seems, … Continue reading

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