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Important Video From Andrew Breitbart, Research from Youtube on Obama’s Past

This is an update to a post I’m working on which disappears each time I try to update it. I’m re-posting the updates here to try to throw off the goons which keep vanishing my research as I post. It’s … Continue reading

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The Human Form as Florals, Digital Art, Illustration, Renderings

The Human Form as A Floral, Digital Renderings Copyright 2011-3011 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved. Anonymous Digital Renderings Circulated on the Web in Early 2011. These anonymous digital renderings circulated the web in early January 2011, and employ … Continue reading

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On October 8th 2008 Someone in America Wanted a “V” Revolution: Video Artifact

Copyright 2011-3011 Artopia 444, All Rights Reserved. I have been researching the far reaching effects of the motion picture film from 2005, “V Is For Vendetta.” I located an unusual video clip from 2008 in which an unknown V wannabe … Continue reading

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Jack Black: “Who Wants to Pray to the Devil With Me?” 2009 MTV Music Awards

Copyright 01.02.2011 Reposted courtesy I am currently examining satanic and totalitarian imagery in the American music industry. There is nothing hidden or even secretive about the satanic imagery in most pop music videos, especially videos made by Lady Gaga and Beyonce. I am … Continue reading

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Top Live Streaming Web Cams 2010

WATCH THE BEST STREAMING LIVE CAMS: Courtesy Ursi’s blog Moscow’s city centre, Russia Hen Cam, UK Sydney Harbour, East coast Australia Trafalgar Square, London, UK Big Ben, London, UK Leicester Square, London, UK Times Square, New York Giant Ocean Tank, … Continue reading

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