This news blog archive is both a time capsule and a partial repository for the collected alternative news reports compiled by Cherokee Shaman, Christian truth researcher and conservative writer Chase Kyla Hunter [ a pen name ] between 2009 and early 2012.

CK Hunter is a veteran NWO researcher and conservative writer who has authored dozens 0f  news blogs since 2005 and produced more than 7,000 new reports.

Her work offers an inspiring and steady contribution to the conservative side of the alternative news community and only a small part of it has been compiled here. This blog is also deployed as a “vault” of sorts for some of CK’s more controversial posts.

Several blogs are still online which house other significant amounts of Chase’s research and she is still posting and reporting periodically.







If you locate certain dead links on articles residing  here  it is due to the fact that some archived posts from Chase’s earlier blogs may have taken on errors in importing them to this repository. Subscribe to any of the blogs linked above to follow Chase’s current reporting.

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