Bizarre Annunaki-like Reptilian Secret Service Agent Spotted in Obama Security Detail: Video Footage

I have watched this now notorious video several times. It’s not just the overt shape-shifting, which is clearly visible to the naked eye, which takes place in the second set of video footage while he is standing in the back of the room behind the first seats. It’s the way this “man” [ I use the term loosely ] vibrates. Something is NOT right with his aura and his vibration.And then there is the troublesome issue of the “live action” shape-shifting which takes place in the back of his head, his ear, his profile bone structure, nose and chin. The change takes place in about 1.5 seconds. His features and sections of his head and his entire right ear just morph before your eyes into “something else” that definitely does not look human. I cannot explain this.

I posted this footage on the Tigerland archive blog, as I find the whole topic rather incredulous and problematic. But this footage doesn’t lie.

In the second video [ Part 2 ] there is a frame toward the end of the video in which a central brow ridge can be seen running from the front of the center of the man’s skull to the back of his head. I had a real hard time explaining away that skull ridge.

Here’s the first “part 1′ video:

Part 2:

Other “Odd” videos of Obama’s secret service agents:

In the next video the secret service agent appears to have a wire implant running down the back of his head and disappearing into his back which is UNDERNEATH his skin and ripples when he moves his head. Check out the back of his head, his neck and his back.

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