All Time Most Popular Articles on This Blog Archive

INS Microfilm Records from the Week of Obama’s Birth Are Missing from the National Archives  
Important Video From Andrew Breitbart, Research from Youtube on Obama’s Past  
666 Beast Alert: Edible Traceable RFID Microchips Go On Sale in the UK  
The Hunger Games: Donald Sutherland Quoted As Hoping Young People Will “Provoke Change”  
Taboo Videos and Banned Adverts  
Pole Shift Warning Signs Abound: Prophets Have Seen USA After the Pole Shift: Maps  
[ Maitreya Watch ] Imam Mahdi Rising: What Iran Is Teaching Their Population  
MK Ultra’s [Not So Secret] Relations With Hollywood, & the Darkening of TV  
More …  
Actual Second Coming vs. Blue Beam Holograms  
What Jesus Really Looked Like: An Eye Witness Account  
Angelina Jolie’s Botox Blowout: Unphotoshopped Photos Present A Dire Warning  
Annunaki Legends, Species Amnesia And the Rise of the Son of Perdition  
Lady Gaga Nominated for “Great Whore of Babylon” Award By Artopia 444  
April 2011 Raj Patel, Imam Mahdi, Maitreya Research Update By Chase Kyla Hunter  
Alanna Nash of VANITY FAIR Solves the Famous Elvis Presley “Kiss Mystery  
Maitreya’s Disturbing Logo

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Internet news junkie, bustling online #VintageBling merchant, sporadic yet passionate news blogger, blunt essayist, nature photographer, truth seeker, avid backyard gardener, blues harmonica virtuoso [and a grrl at that], thoughtful Cherokee shaman, Jesus follower. Newly arrived at neither Left nor Right, but thriving high above Center: variously amused, inspired or impervious to it all. Go figure. Seek me and ye shall find me. I'm always around. :-) I'm on Twitter @CherokeeBluetp.
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  1. Lyn Leahz says:

    Thank you for the link back! God bless you.

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