Check out the 2008 Billboard of Hamas Endorsing Barack Obama


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…During the 2008 election cycle, there was a billboard which publicized the fact that the terror group Hamas had endorsed Obama’s presidential campaign. Now, that same billboard has reappeared again here in South Florida, and the word is that there are plans in the works for another two or three ‘Change (He) Can Believe In’ signs.

‘We don’t mind.  Actually, we like Mr. Obama, and we hope he will [inaudible] the election. I do believe he is like John Kennedy, a great man with great principles, and he has a vision to change America, to make it in a position to lead the world community, but not with domination and arrogance.’ Ahmed Yousef, Hamas’ chief political advisor (2008)

Hamas walked  back their endorsement of Obama on June 6, 2008, but considering how the President has been the most adversarial president of the United States to Israel since…

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