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Please watch this first video very carefully and stop the video at exactly 18 seconds in. I found this first video quite by accident. What hit that second tower WAS NOT a jet airliner. It looks exactly like a long thin missile. I made a still frame image of the stopped video frame at exactly :18 seconds into the home movie then made a screen shot of the still frame and saved it as a jpeg. I have not altered this still frame in any way. Here it is, then below it is the video I took it from, which I have downloaded to my HD. The url for this home video is:

Download this video to your HD and share this post.

[ some of these next videos contain graphic images which are not suitable for children to view. If you are squeamish about viewing these scenes, click…

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Internet news junkie, bustling online #VintageBling merchant, sporadic yet passionate news blogger, blunt essayist, nature photographer, truth seeker, avid backyard gardener, blues harmonica virtuoso [and a grrl at that], thoughtful Cherokee shaman, Jesus follower. Newly arrived at neither Left nor Right, but thriving high above Center: variously amused, inspired or impervious to it all. Go figure. Seek me and ye shall find me. I'm always around. :-) I'm on Twitter @CherokeeBluetp.
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