The Hunger Games: Donald Sutherland Quoted As Hoping Young People Will “Provoke Change”

Re-posted with permission from Alternative News Report on 3.24.2012:

“That film [ The Hunger Games ] portends to catalyze, to motivate, a generation of young people who have been, by and large, dormant. It seems to me that they could take up a political position, I don’t know what it would be, but they could recognize the allegory of this film and the society they live in; see the genius of it; of Katniss Everdeen, and the possibility that within themselves they could find such a leader, and provoke change.”

– Actor Donald Sutherland

Actor Donald Sutherland’s provocative comments come at the very end of this video clip, in which many of the top actors from The Hunger Games are interviewed. Sutherland plays “President Snow” in the film.

I have already written much about the power of motion picture films to “sell” ideas and concepts. I have speculated in a recent essay as to what “The Hunger Games” might be selling to it’s vulnerable young cultishly inclined audience. Now listen to what actor Donald Sutherland says about the film and it’s audience in the last few minutes of this clip.

The author of The Hunger Games book trilogy, Suzanne Collins, grew up in a military family and was steeped in military culture. Did she pen these books with an idea in mind that young people might one day take up arms against a decadent and cruel Illuminati ruling elite? It’s been stated that Collins was very close to her father, who was an officer in the Air Force. She, as the daughter of a high military officer in the Air Force, would possibly be privy to some partial knowledge about a future that’s being planned for America and humankind that she might have felt increasingly uncomfortable with. “Fiction with a mission” might have come out of those uncomfortable feelings.

This is all pure conjecture and speculation on my part. But the author of a book trilogy this potent to stir and incite young people surely must have known something that would inspire such a body of work. I find Mr. Sutherland’s comments especially intriguing in the light of my quest to understand WHY they chose to make this film at this time in American history.

Postscript 3.24.2012:

At least one Christian blogger saw something in “The Hunger Games” logotype that I had not noticed yet, nor had others. He saw the clock set to the time 11:11 in the logo. Hmmm. Here it is:

Hunger Games = 11:11

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Chase Kyla Hunter 3.23.2012

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