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Like other residents of northern Virginia, I am wondering what happened to the winter, I like the winter but I love the fall. My friends and family consider me strange because I do not like summer. Even though the beaches are filled with beautiful women, I avoid them because I can’t stand the heat. This is probably because I am a polar bear stuck in a human’s body.

Nonetheless, the seasons come and go as God sees fit. I’ve always thought the personification of nature as a loving, nurturing mother humorous. Unlike my mother, Mother Nature doesn’t realize how much I despise the heat. Oh well, like the other women in my life, there is no way I am telling this one how to do her job.

Forsythia Spring is here, and I have been taking lots of pictures. Of course, after I post these spring-related pictures I will need to…

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Internet news junkie, bustling online #VintageBling merchant, sporadic yet passionate news blogger, blunt essayist, nature photographer, truth seeker, avid backyard gardener, blues harmonica virtuoso [and a grrl at that], thoughtful Cherokee shaman, Jesus follower. Newly arrived at neither Left nor Right, but thriving high above Center: variously amused, inspired or impervious to it all. Go figure. Seek me and ye shall find me. I'm always around. :-) I'm on Twitter @CherokeeBluetp.
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