Important Video From Andrew Breitbart, Research from Youtube on Obama’s Past

This is an update to a post I’m working on which disappears each time I try to update it. I’m re-posting the updates here to try to throw off the goons which keep vanishing my research as I post. It’s urgent that other news bloggers and readers who want to help protect evidence which is still lying around on the internet to download these videos and save them to your hard drives before they get yanked off the web. I’ll keep adding new videos to this page and others as I locate them.

It’s only been one day since Andrew Breitbart died, and already the internet is buzzing with speculation about what he was researching when he died, and whether Andrew was “offed” by Obama’s CIA handlers under orders from the White House.

Apparently the story Andrew Breitbart was working on when he died was about Barack Obama’s past and his birth and college years. Breitbart made reference to videotapes in his possession from Obama’s college years at the recent CPAC conference just a few weeks ago. Everyone wants to see those tapes, dubbed the Obama Tapes, and the Hot Air blog has stated they will make them public within ten days.

I’m posting a list of connected links and news reports for readers to examine. You all have pretty good heads. It’s time to use them to connect some dots for yourselves. More and more smoking gun evidence is being unearthed. All I can say to others who are trying to get the truth out there is KEEP PUBLISHING. That’s sure as hell what I intend to do.

CK Hunter

Begin here:

Visit and search these phrases for more news reports on Barack Obama.

Obama Before 2008 (7)
Obama Birth Certificate (3)
Obama Birth Certificate Photoshop Test (2)
Obama birth controversy (4)
Obama Manchurian CIA Presidency (22)
Obama Media & TV Appearances (14)
Obama Mental Health Issues (4)
Obama Muslim Anti-Christian (2)
Obama Muslim Religious Bias (2)
Obama News Stories (73)
Obama Social Security Fraud (1)

You can order a highly credible investigative Report into Barack Obama’s birth origins here.

Video: Jerome Corsi Claims Andrew Breitbart’s Last Interview Was With Joe Arpaio (

See also: Stephen Bannon / Hot Air Blog: We’ll release the tapes Breitbart has of Obama’s college years in the next 10 days

See also: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference: Obama Eligibility Cold Case Investigation

See also: The News Get Worse RE: Obama’s Birth Certificate

See also: Alex Jones Reports Obama Birth Certificate is Fraudulent, Altered, Photoshop Experts Weigh In

See also: Obama’s Social Security Number Originally Issued to A Connecticut Man

See also: Many Americans Still Don’t Realize We’ve Elected A President We Know Almost Nothing About

See also: Remembering Andrew Breitbart: The Obama Tapes

See also: In Memoriam: Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

My original post about Andrew Breitbart’s passing has locked mysteriously on the WP dashboard and disappears each time I try to edit or update it. I don’t know why this is happening but it defies WP and blogging logic and just makes me more determined to publish everything I can get my hands on about what stories Andy Breitbart was reporting on and researching when he died. Here’s that post with it’s videos. Download these videos to your hard-drive and make pdf copies of this post page:

Conservative Firebrand Andrew Breitbart Has Passed Away at Age 43

From GOP fundraiser in Anaheim, 10-16-10

Image via Wikipedia

Conservative news blogger and activist Andrew Breitbart has passed away at age 43.

03.01.2012 – I’m in a state of shock. I was up quite late last night, laboring over a controversial post I just put out [ REF: Post #002292012 ] so I just got to the web a few minutes ago, late this morning. I opened Google News and the lead story was the death of Andrew Breitbart, conservative super-reporter and an inspiration for me and for thousands of other conservative bloggers.

Andrew died of natural causes, according to his family. He did have a heart condition, and it’s believed heart failure was the cause of his death. Andrew was taken from us in the prime of his life. He was only 43 years old.

His hard hitting conservative reporting can be seen at numerous news sites and blogs he founded:

This is my message to Mr. Breitbart in his passing:

Andrew, your soul was a great beacon of light to all those who have dedicated themselves to the task of truth-telling at the highest level. You knew what the stakes were, and you never held back. You will be sorely missed as a tireless leader in the conservative community of news bloggers and alternative news reporters. God rest your soul in peace.

Below is Reuters news coverage of his death. I have included some well known video coverage of Andrew as well.

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