Unless GOP Pulls Off A Miracle of Sudden Unity, Obama Will Be Re-elected

Re-posted with permission from Alternative News Report on 2.27.2012:


Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a GOP p...

Mitt Romney's 2012 campaign has failed to galvanize American voters thus far.

It was about a month ago that I woke up and suddenly KNEW something. This particular thing that I suddenly KNEW is not something I’m happy to know about, and it’s not something I’m at all happy to write about. But I woke up about a month ago with a specific statistic hovering in my head:  53% to 47%.

Instantly I knew what this stat represented. It’s the percentage by which Barack Obama is going to defeat a fractured and splintered GOP this November, with a dark horse upstart nominee that cannot possibly win and defeat Barack Obama.

So all this took place a month ago. I set the ugly premonition aside. But in the 30 days that’s passed since I woke up with “53 to 47%” ringing in my head I’ve had plenty of time to see just how badly it’s all going for the GOP in 2012.

Mitt Romney, in spite of millions of dollars in financing, a fairly good record of governance in Massachusetts, some impressive business career achievements, and a stellar family history behind him, cannot seem to fire the rocket engines of his 2012 presidential campaign for more than several days at a time, until they sputter out, lose momentum, and he’s fighting to keep his head above water once more.

What’s missing here in Mr. Romney is not only genuine passion, vocalized and demonstrated for the public to see, but real social insight, and a sense of true unity-based vision for the country. Also absent is a certain populist authenticity that everyone in the nation seems to be craving.

Why else would a visibly frail little old cutesy country doctor, congressman Ron Paul, become a cultural cult figure with a fanatical following over the past two decades? Ron Paul, if anything, is utterly genuine. He’s an American original, inclined to have unrehearsed plain English “truisms” fall out of his mouth on stage that delight his cult and amaze debate watchers. But Ron Paul has also been running for president for at least 20 years, and if he hasn’t been elected yet, it’s for a reason. I just will never see Ron Paul as sitting face to face with Putin or Netanyahu in the White House, engaging in a serious dialogue about the nuclear balance of power. Ron Paul is the kind of man whose mouth, when firing at random, could well utter something within his first 60 days in office which would dangle our country over the nuclear precipice all over again, and not even realize quite what it was that he said. He shares this unique talent for vocally letting loose without prior thought with the obese and politically fatigued Newt Gingrich – or as I like to call him:  Bohemian Newt.

The real and present danger to the GOP is neither the now greasy Newt,or the quirky adorable country doctor, Ron Paul. Rick Santorum believes that he can

, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.

Little is known about the real personally held religious beliefs of Rick Santorum. Is true separation of church and state still possible?

commandeer the office of the Presidency of the United States to usher in a moral revival of the nation, and his latent talents as a pastor and minister are thus wasted in a run for the US Presidency. Give this man a church and a congregation and turn him loose. But if Rick Santorum ascends to the White House, he will fracture the nation into every more small and vitriolic splintered parts, ruining the American body politic and dashing all hopes of a unified spirit for the nation as we swing into the next ten years of the new century.

The lack of GOP unity heading into Super Tuesday bodes grimly for the rest of the campaign season, and I can quote a neighbor to cite just how serious this all is. My neighbor told me [ and he is a lifelong, diehard Republican, a man of considerable means and influence locally ] that “if Rick Santorum is nominated to the GOP, I will vote for Barack Obama.” That’s how serious the present GOP situation is.

Governance from extremes cannot be allowed to become the norm in America. Rick Santorum, if nominated, may well choose to use the GOP nomination as a bully pulpit for a whole series of “social and moral issues” of his own choosing to try to commandeer public opinion and support, when the actuality of the present situation would and should demand instead that we be uniting as a nation of people against a whole series of real and very urgent threats, any of which when combined could become the perfect storm of assault that could bring great harm to the nation:  fiscal bankruptcy, unemployment, poor educational standards, the threat from our open and porous southern border, and ignition points of renewed war flickering in the Mideast.

Add to that the cancerous spread of the White House inspired “Occupy” movement, which has been blessed by Nancy Pelosi and endorsed by Barack Obama, and you are adding the final inflammatory ingredient to ignite America during the next four years into multiple firestorms of civil unrest and property damage on the scale of what took place in London last summer.

I cannot stress enough how urgent it is that the GOP high muckety-mucks huddle together NOW and begin solving the issues described which are soon to boil over and utterly ruin the GOP convention. I can hear the footsteps of the dancing democrats in the White House, jumping up and down and clicking their heels together in glee right now, over what they see taking place.

This essay is an all out SOS call for GOP unity and an official request to come together with a common conservative vision for the nation that DOES NOT rotate around the maypole of either gay rights or contraception. Both of these issues are highly personal, highly charged, highly private, which the federal government should have no business diddling with, under any circumstances. Roughly 12 to 15% of American citizens are born with a biological predilection to be attracted to those of the same sex. It’s a non issue in the face of imminent national bankruptcy and a possibly nuclear Iran within the next 3 years. Leave these gay and lesbian people alone, let them marry whom they want, and GET ON with the business of rescuing the country from fiscal ruin ASAP.

Likewise let the women in America decide what they want to do about their own contraception needs privately, based on their own moral and religious beliefs, and cease and desist trying to legislate who will receive birth control – and who must provide it for them – bowing to the UN’s Agenda 21 population reduction goals.

Attempting to legislate that religious organizations provide birth control under healthcare plans is preposterous. It’s an overt escalation of federal intrusion into ever more private corners of American life and it needs to cease.

GOP leaders must craft an intelligent, reasonable centrist platform of visionary governance from which the nominee can begin again to try to win the White House and set forth a worthy landscape for the future. This country desperately needs both real leaders with real insight, and a GOP nominee which can actually win, rather than a candidate with an endless personal religious agenda to advance, or a UN itinerary to fulfill.

Why is this so much to ask?

Chase Kyla Hunter 2.27.2012

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