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See for more insightful and educational essays about the current turbulent cultural American landscape and threats to our national security, from within and without. CK Hunter 3.01.2012

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several dozen important new reports are up this week on Alternative News Report at – stop by the front page for more. Chase

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Unless GOP Pulls Off A Miracle of Sudden Unity, Obama Will Be Re-elected

Re-posted with permission from Alternative News Report on 2.27.2012:   It was about a month ago that I woke up and suddenly KNEW something. This particular thing that I suddenly KNEW is not something I’m happy to know about, and … Continue reading

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“Ubiquitous Living” RFID Interlaced Future Planned For the World Population

See more news reports on the ominous advance of RFID technology at my main news blog at CK Hunter 2.26.2012

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This report appeared also on: and on 2.26.2012

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