Swedish Television Broadcasting Company Proclaims Raj Patel “Hero” & A World Savior. Why? Who Financed This Video?


The Raj Patel story just get uglier, and murkier the deeper I look into it. I have just located a professionally produced Swedish video, not a screaming homegrown USA video from a fundamentalist Christian, mind you, that clearly is SELLING Raj Patel to the world as not only HERO, friend and world leader, but the ugly phrase that I hate to use comes to mind:

A False World Messiah

Watch this video, then tell me in the comments field, what you, the reader conclude about this professionally made film by a major Swedish broadcasting company. If Raj Patel is just a guy, an economist and author, then here is my $64,000 question:

Why is a company in Sweden making videos like this about him?

Here’s the video link:


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10 Responses to Swedish Television Broadcasting Company Proclaims Raj Patel “Hero” & A World Savior. Why? Who Financed This Video?

  1. Michael says:

    It seems you are lacking some discernment regarding how this viral video works. Anyone can upload a photo of a friend or family member, and it embeds this image into the video. I did this as a joke for my manager at my job, and everyone loved it. Give it a go yourself – there’s a option to “Make a new movie’ at the end of the video to do this. It’s a very clever and very effective piece of interactive marketing.

    All you are seeing is someone taking the opportunity to put a picture of Raj Patel into this viral type campaign. It has nothing to do with the Swedish broadcasting Company choosing Raj Patel. By the way I don’t think Raj is a Swedish hero, he’s Indian born and a citizen of the UK and now the US. Its a campaign to get the Swedish folk to pay for the Swedish Broadcasting Fee.

    The fact you got this so wrong, makes me wonder about your other conclusions and ‘facts’

  2. LOL says:

    LOL you idiot!!!

    Put a photo of yourself on here CK and I’ll have them make a video about you being the world’s hero!

  3. CK Hunter says:

    Who is the idiot here? Someone promoted Patel in this manner for a reason. I am WELL aware that anyone can be promoted as a hero by the Swedish film company. It was the timing of it, combined with everything else that has come out about Patel.

    He is being pushed onto the world as a “Maitreya” vessel. Were you aware they have made an Archie comics character named “Raj Patel”?

    There is something deeper at work here, it is sinister , not benign, and it is coming straight out of the illuminati: the secret world governing elite, which Patel is entrenched in and has been since his youth.

    Those who refuse to see the writing on the wall will end up worshipping him first as a celebrity (they are now making a Hollywood movie about Raj Patel – why?) then just eventually being persuaded by his words and the world media to worship HIM. It is ungodly and those who think nothing is amiss are blind. Read the book of Revelations at least three times before you get online and mouth off again.

    Good luck to you.


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